Danao Adventure Park

Bohol is the beautiful island situated in the Central Visayas Region of Philippines. This island is famous for the rich, exotic natural beauty and environment. But nothing beats the fun of experiencing adventure of Danao in Bohol. Tagbilaran is the capital of Bohol, which is also a component city of Philippines and can be easily reached by air or boat. Danao is not much far from Tagbilaran and the only way to reach Danao is by road, which again does not take much time. It takes almost two hours to reach the ‘ultimate adventure’ place of Danao from Tagbilaran and is only 72Km away from the capital. The two roads leading to this gambling adventurous place, are Buenavista-Carmen-Danao-Jetafe Road and Sagbayan-Danao Road.

The Danao Adventure Park is not for people who are searching for a quite vacation. The place is certainly for the people who would love to experience adventure to the extreme. It would be just to repeat the words of the movie ‘Up’ and say “The adventure is out there!” for a place like this!
The “Welcome” board of Danao Adveture Park itself speaks of the preservation of nature and history. Thus, this place is not just the “king” of adventure but is also associated with the beautiful history and exotic nature or Danao. Danao Adventure Park is associated with the term “E.A.T” which means ‘Extreme/Eco/Educational Adventure Tour’.

Different exciting and adventurous activities of Danao Adventure Park include River trek, Sky ride, Suislide, River Tubing, Wall Climbing, Plunge, Root Climb, Caving, Camping, Cliff Rappel, River Kayak, Village Tour, Ziplet, Xsanity, Organic Farm Visitation, Air Tour and Off-Road Buggy. The board used for the activity of Plunge says, “You are not paying for the ride, you are paying for the experience”; is certainly the right words used for the exciting activity. But these lines are also applicable for the other activities and you will feel it every moment when you enjoy the fun in adventure. The longest zipline in Asia is available here at Danao only.


Further, in the Plunge can be experienced one of the highest canyon swings of the world with a free fall of 75 meter as the canyon swing is situated over a gorge with a height of 200 meter and width of 300 meters. While sky ride is the most relaxing activity of Danao, on the other hand Suislide is about enjoying a zipline of 480 meters long and 200 meters high. Caving is the way to enjoy the darkness, bats and much more. Come to Danao to explore the spots. Danao has been rated as the highest thriller place in Phillipines with water, land and air attractions. Whether you love adventure related to mountain, land, cave, water or air; Danao has it all available for you in one place!

The rates for entry and activities are not high either and are reasonable. You will also enjoy the delicious food of Danao and company of the co-operative staffs. Safety and adventure are two basics assured, to enjoy your time in Danao. Experience the extreme adventure and get excited to tell your friends, “Oh yeah! I survived the extremeness; something arduous”. This is the right destination to enjoy nature, adventure, beautiful sceneries and safety all at once. Get ready to push the limit and face your fears to survive them! And also do not forget to take the certificate of surviving the Plunge before you leave!


Sagbayan Peak-Saving the best for Last

If you visit Bohol then Sagbayan Peak is must to go to for its natural beauty and fresh environment. This place is situated 76.5Kms north-west of Tagbilaran city, the capital of Bohol. The people of this place are called Sagbayanis who are the interior community of the south-west of Clarin. This is the place from you can experience the beautiful view of ‘Chocolate Hill’ and the beautiful scenery of blue sea that separates Cebu from Bohol. This place is certainly for the people who love nature and fresh air. Sagbayan Peak is basically a mountain top resort f 12 acre and provides with the deck with 360 degree perspective. The Deck is of an elevated ridge, situated at this place to view the beautiful Chocolate hills and see the beautiful Cebu City from distant. The Sagbayan Peak also has other attractions like restaurants, children’s park, toon-town figures for kids, kid’s town, maribojoc watch-tower, botanical garden, zoo, animal figures, hotels, diving range, swimming pool, a tarsier conservation area, water park, tarsier sanctuary and butterfly dome. You can even get the chance to see beautiful and unique animals and butterflies during your trip to this place. The food is also very much delicious and the place is known for its sea food recipes and uniqueness.

The place has maintained its beauty of nature and the majority of the population is into agricultural work. The main agricultural crops include coconut, ice, camote, vegetables and more. Sagbayan Peak will get you the true feel of experiencing greenery and nature without any disruption. You can see the chocolate hills covered with trees that look like the world of velvety green carpet. It does not take much time to reach Sagbayan. One and a half hour journey from Tagbilaran city and you reach the countryside of Bohol that is full of greenery. Further, your kids will certainly fall in love with children’s park and the toon’s figures. Also enjoy the beauty of seeing beautiful butterflies inside the Butterfly Dome which would certainly melt your heart.

You will also get the opportunity to know more about butterflies from your guide. When you leave Sagbayan Peak, you just do not carry the beautiful memory of the true of beauty of nature and sea but also take with yourself the knowledge and beauty of butterflies. Further, you can also meet different types of animals, reptiles, birds at the zoo. The Magaso Falls will further catch your attention and you will certainly get lost by the beauty and beautiful noise of the falls. The beauty of Magaso Falls is certainly breath taking and is the right destination for the people who love nature and water. And with all that comes the beautiful animal of Sagbayan Peak called ‘Tarsier’ with real big beautiful eyes at the tarsier conservation area of Sagbayan Peak but please be careful with these animals as they get upset very quickly and might even commit suicide. You can certainly enjoy seeing them and taking pictures of these beautiful animals. This place is the right place for the whole family as people of every age can enjoy their trip here.


Beautiful places to visit in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a blessed country in terms of the diverse tourist attraction sites that it has. This spectacular island will never stop to marvel visitors who are visiting this country which is surrounded by Indian Ocean. It is a home to fifteen national parks, eight world heritage sites and three hundred and fifty waterfalls, Sri Lanka has a lot to offer to the visitors visiting this region and some of the Beautiful places to visit in Sri Lanka include.


Kandy is popular for the cool climate, fresh air and the temple of Buddhism which is most scared. It is Sri Lankas 2nd largest city. Kandy and its countryside provide one with stunning views making it ideal for the laidback holiday. The Ayurveda treatment in Kandy is well known to heal one physically while giving one the perfect healing atmosphere. The hills, valleys, lakes, rivers and several waterfalls makes Kandy a place of great charm.

Mahaweli which is Sri Lankas longest river loops around the beautiful hills of Kandy. This adds up to the scenic beauty of Kandy.

Nuwara Eliya

It is considered by many tourists as tea area of Sri Lanka. Its tea estates endlessly scatter around this region of Nuwara Eliya. The wonderful waterfalls here creates tranquil atmosphere for nature lovers. The golf course of Nuwara Eliya spreads to over 90 acres hence providing golfers with a memorable experience. This is among the best places in Sri Lanka to enjoy yourself when you are free.

Wasgamuwa national park

Wasgamuwa is well known as an elephant habitat. These elephants are wildish and are less habituated. Other wild animals such as sloth bear, spotted deer, sambhur and wild buffalo are also found in Wasgamuwa national park. Besides that the purple face leaf monkey, Torque macaque and the nocturnal slender loris are found in this park. Some of the bird species found here include; open bill, wooly necked stork, painted stork, yellow fronted barbet and the racket tailed drongo which are part of the 100 species of birds which are found in this park.

The park also consists of the dry mixed evergreen forest, riverine forest, wetlands and grasslands. This park is also surrounded by Amban and Mahaweli rivers. You should not miss an opportunity to visit this park in order to see these wonderful wild animals which provides one with a delightful experience.

Arugam bay

This is the unspoiled beautiful beach that one should visit. It is located in the East coast of Sri Lanka. While in Arugam Bay one can visit beautiful and interesting places like Kataragama, Yala national park and the superbkovilis located in Oganda. It is important to note that Arugam Bay is among the top 10 surfing locations in the world.


The nearby archeological sites and the abundant bird life have made Arugam Bay a perfect destination like no other. This bay is a nice place that one can relax and spend his/her holiday with a lot of tranquility.

Pinnawela elephant orphanage

This is the most outstanding tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. This orphanage is a refuge for the abandoned elephants which lies in the Kegalla between Colombo and Kandy. While in this site you will find yourself having been surrounded by the palm trees and the sun scorched ground which provides these elephants with a natural habitat.


During the tour of this orphanage, you will have an opportunity to see the elephants being taken to River Maha Oya in order to bathe twice a day. You will also take photos of these elephants as they bathe.


This is the 1st kingdom of Sri Lanka and also the most loved historical city which features a large collection of the ancient ruins and is among the most beautiful places to visit in Sri Lanka. It is a world heritage site of UNESCO. Anarudhapura being a center for the ancient culture and Buddhism, it is well known to contain one of the biggest specimens of the ancient world called Ruwanweliseya Stupa. This city is also popular for having one of the oldest trees called Sri Maha Bodhi which is authenticated. You should not miss out an opportunity to visit this great city in order to see several amazing historical collections.


This place is a specimen of the stunning construction. The flattened summit which is standing just 200 meters above plane which is forested is a perfect place for the amazing picturesque views. The moats which were skillfully constructed, the gardens and ramparts creates an elegance of beautiful royal place.

Sigiriya frescoes are among the valuable and treasured artworks one can see in Sri Lanka. This is really a wonderful place to visit and enjoy you.


If you are planning to visit these amazing places then you must first get a Sri Lankan Visa in order to be allowed to visit these places. Be sure to get unforgettable experience the time you will visit these great places to enjoy yourself.





Best Tourist Attractions in Bahrain

Bahrain is a land of many marvels. There is a lot to explore in this beautiful country that is deliberately endowed to amaze the people of this world. You can have a chance to see some of the world’s marvels or visit places that will keep you intrigued. You can decide to take part in one of the world’s breathtaking experiences or talk to the people of Bahrain. What is guaranteed in Bahrain is a good time. Here is a list of some of best tourist attractions in bahrain you may choose to experience.

The National Museum

This should be the place that you visit first when you have decided to be part of the people who want to explore Bahrain. There is a lot that the museum will allow you to experience about this beautiful country. You will go through the history of Bahrain and have an opportunity to journey through the development of this beautiful country. Within three hours, you will have known Bahrain from the time of Dilmun to its present day.

The tree of life

The deserter is known to be a dry desolate place with little life. In Bahrain, there is an interruption to all this in the name of the tree of life. Imagine being in a barren desert that has a tree firmly planted in the midst of this entire lifeless environment. The tree of life is a tree that is said to be more than 400 years old. It attracts people from all walks of life.

Arad Fort

This is one of the most important historic monuments of not juts Bahrain but the Middle East. The fort was developed in the 15th century. It is located on the Muharraq Island and adores one of the most exquisite architectures there are in this age and time. The fort was a base for various foreign occupiers and has still attracted foreigners to date.

The pearl monument

This is a symbolic building in Bahrain. It is the landmark of Bahrain. The unique monument represents the six states in the gulf and has stood out to be the unique feature that identifies Bahrain. If you visit Bahrain, withBahrain visa to enjoy all these places and the monument for your visit to be complete.

King Fahd Causeway

This causeway was opened in 1986. It is 25km long and represents a feat in Bahraini and Saudi engineering. This is one of the most expensive bridges in the world. It attracts many people because of what it represents.

AI Areen Wildlife Park

Many tourists are attracted to this park when they visit the country. It is a huge wildlife park that is just located in the outskirts of the city. The good thing about the place is that it is well maintained and always clean. While in Bahrain, you should have a chance to visit the animals that dwell within the beautiful country.

There are many Attractive places in Bahrain that will intrigue your mind. There is the international grand pix circuit, the Bab Al-Bahrain, forts, and many other places that bring out the best of this country. Have you visited any of the Best Tourist Attractions in bahrain. Let us know your feeback

Attractions in Australia

Top Attractions in Australia

Travelers preparing for a trip to Australia will obviously be well informed of all the major attractions such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, surfing at Bondi Beach, taking a ride at the Great Ocean Road, enjoying the theme parks on the Gold Coast as well as scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef. The following Top Attractions in Australia will help you to plan your trip to the Down Under.


Coastal Walk

Most tourists who visit Australia like the gorgeous walk between the legendary Bondi around and Tamarama. While taking a walk along the coastline in the months of October and November, you might be luck to experience the colorful sculptures along the sea show.

Blue Mountains National Park

The national parks are perhaps the greatest tourist attractions for people who explore Australia. The most celebrated parks is the Blue Mountain Reserve which is found 81 kilometers to the west of the Australia’s capital city Sydney. Geographically speaking, the park is located in a region with high plateaus which are traversed by various rivers as and valleys. Mount Werong is the highest in this area and a major destination for most hikers.

Fraser Island

In case you are looking for natural tourist attractions sites in Australia, Fraser Island is probably one of those place you would want to visit. This is one of the biggest sand islands in the entire world, laying on the eastern coast in the state of Queensland. Fraser Island is also one of the UNESCO Patrimony. The relief of this island has countless by sweet water lakes, shaded sand stones, a fully cover tropical forest, rivers as well as white sandy beaches.

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House which is situated near the promontory of Bennelong has grown to be the ultimate landmark of Sydney as well as a major popular attraction in Australia. Each and every year, Australia receives art lovers, who come particularly to see this exceptional monument. It was designed by an architect known as Jorn Utzon with a modernist style. It encompasses six auditoriums which host operas, theaters, as well as ballet shows. It also contains an open air amphitheater mainly for open-air representations.

The great Coral Reef

The great coral reef is one of the most renowned marine protected locations. It is equally among the UNESCO Patrimony. It runs over 2300 kilometers traversing the north eastern coastline, between Bundaberg and Cap York. The Great Coral Reef Barrier is ultimately the largest coral reef system in the whole world. It harbors nearly 450 dissimilar categories of corals, 1600 species of fish as well as 5000 species of mollusks. One of the major attractions is the sense of absolute isolation. In Australia, it is quite possible to find an empty beach or a remote corner along the woods. Water sports are tremendously popular, and for visitors who enjoy nature without a shadow of doubt, As soon as your Australia visa ready, these Top Attractions in Australia is  the perfect choice for your upcoming Australian  vacation.


Top 15 Best Android Travel Apps to enjoy your holiday

Whether you are planning beforehand for a trip or planning at the last moment; get everything under control with travel apps! Yes, we are thinking about travelling without worries using the coolest apps that you can use on your android mobile and what not!

Apps can be used to get instant help for booking hotels, flights and more. On the other hand, you can also use apps for utilizing guidebooks, dictionaries, offline maps, currency checker, and be confident to travel anywhere, anytime with the right knowledge of the place you want to visit using . These travel apps are needed for planning, travelling, exploring, communicating and more! So! Go ahead keep reading to come across those amazing apps with full functionality. Whether you want to plan or travel; these apps will fulfil all your requirements at your fingertip.


Simple to use, the independent traveler opinions and reviews come pretty handy when visiting new places. TripAdvisor App is useful for a first-timer to make departure date, and it has excellent content that will help you take decisions

Google Goggles

This app is an excellent way to gain information on anything. This image recognition app helps to search information on the snap shots you take. So whether you want to know about a product, painting or you want to know about the unknown language written on any sculpture or card; use Google Goggles and get your confusion cleared in a second.You can use it by pointing your cell phone camera at a artwork, a popular attraction, a bar rule or QR code, a product. If Glasses discovers it in its data source, it will provide you with useful information.

Google Maps

One of the most popular travel apps that must be there in almost everyone’s android mobile phone. This app is useful for helping to reach your destination with proper knowledge of distance and time depending on walking, cycling, driving. This app also has provided with offline maps that you can download and you can use them during your needs or emergency. You can also find the best spots in town and the information you need to get there.


Worldmate is similar to Tripit and brings together all your journey reservation info — flight tickets, resorts and vehicles — to build a company journey routine as well as a routine for conferences. The app has a lot of useful things for any visitor night need on their smartphone — world travel alarm clocks, charts, resort reservation features and weather predictions, to company resources such as an Perspective add-in and incorporation with your LinkedIn account.

PackPoint packing list builder

PackPoint is a free journey packaging app and packaging adviser which is very useful for people who take constant trips. PackPoint will help you arrange what you need to package in your baggage and luggage based on duration of journey, climate at your location, and any actions organized during your journey. Once your packaging list is designed and structured, PackPoint will save it for you, and then you can choose to discuss it with your friends and family in case they need help packaging too.

Tourist Eye

TouristEye is from Lonely Planet, a world leader in independent, reliable journey advice.It has Travel Guides of a large number of locations, and daily customers contributes more locations to check out, and dining locations to eat. Using TouristEye if someone suggests you a location that you want to check out at some point, you can save it in a wishlist.


This app is a gateway to other languages. Now learning foreign languages is made easy through Duolingo. Learn Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and French easily and this can be really useful when you travel anywhere in the world as at least one of these languages is spoken in any part of the world!


TripIt will help you with hotels, flights, trains, rental cars, taxis and more to make travelling easy and relaxing. This is one of the most popular andorid travel apps organize your trip and manage everything for you.You can forward your travel confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com which TripIt automagically creates a detailed daily itinerary for every trip.


Now check out the path of unlimited international flights available with detailed information on the map that can be zoomed too. With flight tracker, you can get instant real time flight status and accurate time for departures and arrivals of all flights anywhere in the world along with boarding gate information

XE Currency

This currency converter app is just the right one you need when you are out in a foreign land for shopping or just to know the present exchange rate of currencies. It provides live exclusive rate of return and maps, and even shops the last modified prices so it works when the Internet doesn’t. This is a simple forex finance calculator and the most popular forex trading app on the market.


Now easily get the opportunity to see the different hotels available at your destination area and also browse through the prices at a discount given to know which one best suits your budget and needs. You can use the wonderful map feature to find resorts close by with a single tap. Or perspective a map of resorts in a specific location. You can sort and narrow your search results through our map perspective and see which resorts have special deals with our outlined hooks.

TravelSafe Pro

This app is a must during emergency. It provides with emergency numbers of the place you are at and even of other countries. That is to say it is a package of all the emergency numbers in the world. It is the best way to get details of embassy and an amazing app for one touch access to emergency services like police, fire engines and ambulance.


BeenThere allows you track your trips on awesome maps – and discuss them with buddies on facebook and other social networks .Heat charts display where you spend maximum time and Red places are where you went the most often, and blue spot are the locations you go least often. See which places of the town are reddest – at home, the bar, or somewhere else?


AroundMe easily recognizes your current location and allows you to choose the closest bank, Bar, petrol or gas station, hospital, Resort, Film Cinema, Cafe, Grocery store, Theatre and Cab. AroundMe can help you with a all the places in the category that any user has tapped on along with the distance from where the user is.

Quintessentially Lifestyle

Quintessentially Lifestyle is a Lifestyle Club & Concierge Service app that includes 50 cities and customers can purchase exclusive event passes and luxurious Valentine’s Day presents, within the app’s store. The app also provides suggestions from dining places to schools — they known as it “Q Expert.” Users can still demand customized personalised services — a desk at reserved out dining places, a personal jet to Krabi or the special version Birkin bag, say, through the app.

Hope you enjoyed the list of our Best Android Travel Apps . If you use any Android Travel Apps that is not a part of this list, please let us know through comments.


10 truths about the Delhi Metro and how to survive the tube

The metropolitan city “Delhi” is the capital of India; where people with busy life prefer metros to cut down wasting time for travelling.Delhi is the city where you can see all kinds of people. People from all the parts of India and world come here to make their living. Delhi is certainly the crowded place with full of colours, forts, ministries and offices that lord over India

When you visit Delhi; certainly even you will fall for the fast travelling route to easily visit the places you want which is Delhi Metro. Delhi metro is among the cheapest options to travel to various places n Delhi; even though you might have to change the trains in between but the guidelines to follow the track to change your train are available in the metro stations and you can also seek the help of the assistance available there. It is the right choice to avoid the unwanted traffic of Delhi city even though in metro you will miss to experience the skills of Delhi drivers in traffic which you may not experience anywhere else in India or world.

Delhi Metro was started in 2002 and was designed as a rapid transit system serving Delhi and its satellite cities in the National Capital Region of India.The system is designed and managed by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). Each section of the Delhi City is recognized by a particular color. The first section of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation started out on 24 Dec 2002 with the Red Line, and has seven functional collections such as the Red Line division.

Map of Delhi Metro

download delhi metro map and route

Delhi Metro Map and Route (Click on the Image to Download)

Download Delhi Metro Route Map in PDF

The Delhi Metro is open from about 6:00 to 23:00, with trains arriving at a regularity of 3 to 4.5 minutes, and 1.6 million commuters transit everyday.

Here are some things to know about Delhi Metro; which may help you to enjoy and experience it more.

Truth #1: Well, if you are wondering how disabled people can travel through Delhi metro; then you must know that Delhi metro in India is certainly acquire the statues of being one of the most disabled friendly transport systems. If you are need of a wheelchair, assistances are there to help you get one. Lifts, ramps, tactile paths and more are provided only to help disabled people for a convenient travel.

Truth#2: Well, you will certainly not be the only one woman in the Delhi metro station and there are lot more other women travelling through metros every day. The fact is Delhi metro provides with special women’s compartment. Sometimes, you might also get the chance of seeing an innocent guy without knowing enters the women’s compartment and gets beaten.

Truth#3: Hate standing in the line to get your token from the counter? And again waste time to stand in the queue for checking? Well Delhi metro provides with Delhi Metro Smart Card to help you avoid wasting time to buy tokens. You can also enjoy the facility to recharge your smart card online without any hassle as well as enjoy the 10% discount!

Truth#4: The tourists need to save their time too while travelling the different places of Delhi. And for the same reason, Delhi metro provides the tourists with Delhi Tourist Card that you can use to avoid wasting time to buy your token. Now, enjoy your unlimited travel through metro for a limited time!

Truth#5: Delhi metro stations are crowded especially during the office timings and when students are either returning or going to their colleges/universities. Anyways, most of the time you will find the metro stations crowded. In such case, you might also feel like a trash but do not forget that everyone else is experiencing the crowd panic of getting into the metro as soon as possible and you yourself might also end up pushing others unknowingly.

Truth#6: You will find all kinds of people inside the metro; some sleeping, some angry looking, some too much hooked up with looks, famous DU crowd and what not! Enjoy the colours of Delhi; after all Delhi metro is totally crowded and has made the record of carrying more than 2 million passengers in a single day of August, 2011.

Truth#7: Came to India to travel and wearing sari for the first time but is conscious to carry it properly? Wondering what if it gets stuck in the escalator? Well, do not worry as Delhi metro provides with escalators with sari guard feature which takes care of any loose clothing and prevents embarrassing situations. Further, the escalators are especially made with three emergency switches and other safety features to protect the passengers.

: The truth is in a crowded metro, everyone tries to get the seat the very moment it gets vacant and in the process they might even push each other. After all, the coaches have been especially made for maximum comfort!

Truth#9: Though the rules of Delhi metro do not allow eatables inside the station premises but yet you will certainly smell the Indian masala and food inside the metro and perhaps even notice someone somewhere enjoying the food.

Truth#10: Yet Delhi metro can be irritating when people create chaos and ask you to adjust to the situation irrespective of their bad etiquettes. If you ever face eve teasing and bad comments then you must certainly raise voice and take the issue to the concerned authority. The first and foremost rule of Delhi metro is to take action to avoid indecency, offensive behaviour/language and vandalism.


Top 10 India travel books to read before you go to India

India is perceived as a developing country with places which are both ‘poor and dirty’ as well as ‘rich and clean’. However for any discerning traveler India is known for its rich cultural heritage, history, tradition, festivals and most importantly for its diversity and colours. It is important to read about the place before you visit it to plan for a safe and easy travel. This is not to see the country through author’s eyes but certainly to know about the country well to know where to visit according to your desires! Here is a list of Top 10 India travel books to read before you go to India or you plan your holiday trip to India.


The Rough Guide to India

: This book provides you with all the information needed to know the country. It talks of the festivals, villages, cultures of India and the list goes on. It also gives you information on nightlife, shops and other entertaining spots of India. Whether you want to know about Kathakali, Ellora Caves, Varanasi, Amritsar, backwaters of Kerala, Rajasthani Handicrafts or anything else; the book provides you with details of all the important events and places.

Eyewitness Travel Guide

: This book is a gateway to know about India through words and photos. The book also provides with detailed maps to help you know about your destination well. Know about the wildlife, cuisine and places of India as well as enjoy the descriptive summaries.

Wanderlust and Lipstick – : For Women Traveling to India

:If you are a lady who is looking for a book that will help you on your India travel, look no further than this guide. Loaded with information particularly for the lady visitor, moreover to the author’s own suggestions, it contains stories and guidelines from a multitude of females who’ve gone throughout India.The guide is based on the life of the writer who gives realistic and practical advice on knowing the lifestyle and Indian dressing appropriately, guidelines on maintaining personal valuables safe, suggestions on dealing with poverty, and suggestions on places to stay and means to get around. It also contains results for more than 60 essential sites, a glossary of commonly used Hindi terms, and tips from more than 30 females.

Lonely Planet India

: This book is one of the most famous travel books on India that talks of the different places, cultures, festivals of India as well as the “must be visited places” like Taj Mahal, backwaters of Kerala and so on. It gives you the latest advices on where to stay, how to be safe, top sights, women travellers and more. The different places of India included in this book are Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Bengaluru, Gujarat, Punjab, Jammu, Kashmir, Karnataka, Northeast States, Odisha, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Andaman Islands, Kolkata, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Ladakh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Darjeeling, Bihar, Jharkhand, Sikkim, Madhya Pradesh, and Mumbai. It has a whole chapter on Taj Mahal to give you a detailed idea of the seventh wonder of the world.

Nine Lives- In Search of the Sacred in Modern India (Vintage Departures)

: This book is a great insight to the nine types of religious devotions present in the modern India. The author of this book, William Dalrymple shares his own experience of twenty five years with India. Understand India through the true experience of the writer.

Travelers’ Tales India- True Stories

: Learn to see India through the true stories of travellers and their experiences. Everyone has something or the other to say and that shows that how experience differs from person to person while the same place is heaven for one and hell for the other. But whatever it is, you will certainly get the insight of India through this book.

Enjoying India -The Essential Handbook

: This book will diminish the gap of the traditional and cultural differences. This book is a must to understand the cultural practices and tradition of India. This will help you to know that, how you should deal with the people of India. This is a guide to help you experience a safe journey; avoid the unwanted cultural blunders and more.

May You be the Mother of a Hundred Sons

by Elisabeth Bumiller:This book is based on the experiences of the author as a reporter for the Washington Post. She pulled together stories of India’s women from movie stars in Mumbai, intellectual women smoking cigars in Calcutta, wealthy sophisticated rich ladies in New Delhi, to village women in the deserts of Rajastan and northern plains, and health workers in the south when she stayed in India for 3.5 years. This book has stories on tragedy as well as inspiration about some very strong women in India. This book provides you an understanding on what India is like for the average woman.


: Shantaram is a fascinating first novel set in the underworld of modern Bombay and is the most fascinating guides ever published about the Mumbai city. It is based on the real and true stories of an Australian known as Lin on the run who lands in a slum and and becomes the local doctor to the group. You’ll understand all about the dark side of underworld of the local Indians mob as well as how their damaged program of govt and crime performs – or doesn’t perform as the situation may be. The guide records Bombay’s invisible group of beggars and gangsters, hookers and sacred men, military and stars, and Indians and exiles from other nations, who search for in this amazing position what they cannot discover elsewhere. You’ll be kept on the advantage of your chair for many this guide until, toward the end, the guide gets a little incredible.

Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure

:Holy Cow by Sarah Macdonald is a humourous take on a country like India by an expat as a place of painful problems and hilarious contradictions while interacting with an amalgamation of of swamis and Bollywood stars and religions like Hinduism, Islam and Sufis, Sikhs, Jainism, Parsis and Christians. From spiritual visits and unable nirvanas to forts and New Delhi nightclubs. This information is presented on her experiences when her husband is posted in Delhi as a news reporter. Her views are spot-on and are both painful and really funny. Highly recommended before your encounter to the subcontinent.

Whatever are your perceptions and beliefs about India, learning and reading in books about the country before you travel to India there can help you appreciate the experience and get prepared you for what you’re about to experience . Have you any concept about any other books that should be research before visiting India? Please viewpoint and let us know


Best Beaches in Italy

Italy is one of the most beautiful nations of Europe, surrounded by water creating a beautiful coastline with beaches which together form the blue paradise of Italy. With 5,000 miles of coastline, Italy certainly has hundreds of mesmerizing beaches for you. Whether you want to go for a family vacation, honeymoon or just for a trip to the beautiful blue picturesque and exotic beaches or dramatic beaches or quite beaches; the Italian beaches is certainly the right place for you! Italy has beautiful islands like Sardinia which is the second largest island of the Mediterranean Sea and Sicily which is the largest island of Mediterranean Sea.

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If you visit Italy, then certainly you would be amazed to see the various types of beaches available of the different regions of Italy. Best Beaches in Italy include Cala Gonone, Reserva Naturale di Vendicari, Mazarró, Salina, Maratea, Torre Guaceto, San Domino, La Guardia, Elba, Tonnara di Scopello, Spiaggia del Fornillo, Acquavivetta, Forno, Levanto, Cefalù, Rabbit Beach, San Vito lo Capo beach and the list goes on.


If you are someone who loves rocky and mountainous areas with the view of beautiful blue sea? Then Capri is certainly the right place for you to enjoy the Rocky Mountains as well as the beautiful blue paradise together. Bagni di Tiberio and Marina di Mulo are two famous beaches of Capri.

If you are long drive lover to enjoy scenic beauty and the coastal road, then Amalfi Coast is the perfect place for you to enjoy the beautiful jagged cliffs and flowers. You can also enjoy the fun of staying at the hotels and enjoy the beach clubs with the beautiful view of the seas available in Amalfi Coast. Amalfi Coast has beaches like Spiaggia del Fornillo, Positano


Italy is incomplete without visiting the two largest islands of the Mediterranean Sea and the other beautiful islands. The beaches of Sicily are famous for their sandy white shores and exotic black sands which make these beaches unique and outstanding to look at. Mondello Lido, Milazzo, Cefalù, Reserva Naturale di Vendicari, rabbit beach are some of the beautiful beaches of Sicily. Well, there are more reasons to visit Sicily in addition to beaches.


Sardinia is further famous for sun-bathing and natural beauty of its beaches like Alghero, Cala Gonone, Su Tiriarzu, La Pelosa and more. For those who love sunny days and hiking, must visit the beaches of Italian Riviera to enjoy the beautiful sun as well as relax with the natural beauty of the beaches.


Tuscany is the best place to enjoy the beaches with Italian culture. Tuscany has beaches with beautiful white shores and seaside villages. La Guardia, Acquavivetta, Sant’Andrea, Forno are some of the beautiful beaches of Tuscany. Further do not forget to visit San Domino of Tremeti Islands and is called the ‘Green Pearls’ for its beautiful green environment and is also famous for its sandy beaches while Cretaccio island if call the ‘Pearl of the Adriactic’.

of Aeolian Islands is further a unique destination to experience the Greek-ness in Italy. The beaches of Italy are not only famous for their natural beauty but are also known for the resorts, hotels, clubs, water activities, calmness, sea-food, swimming, dancing, scuba diving and more. You will also love to experience nightlife at these beaches with the facilities that are provided.


July and August are the months when the beaches of Italy are most crowded as that is the period people prefer to go to beaches to get some relief from the heat. So all you beautiful people who love the blueness and natural beauty of beaches; get ready to hit the best beaches of Italy to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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